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Italian Jury selections are scheduled on Tuesdays with very few exceptions.

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Network Everyone in the courtroom will wear a face covering over his or her mouth and nose, as recommended by the CDC.

A Magic This instruction should be used only when testimony by deposition is used in lieu of live testimony.

Insurance Physical distancing protocols have been implemented in the courthouses.

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Table Mediated a major class action involving car financing.

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Application You must not let bias, prejudice, or public opinion influence your decision.

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If you find that any omissions in the investigation were significant and not adequately explained, you may consider whether the omissions tend to affect the quality, reliability or credibility of the evidence presented by the Commonwealth.

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Spreadsheet To the Honorable Court in the above entitled cause of action and the District Attorney of the County of _____.

Park Guide Some things that occur during a trial are evidence and you may notonsider them as evidence in deciding the facts of this case.

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Table The court may permit a translator to be present and assist a deaf juror during the deliberations of the jury.

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In order to prove the defendant guilty of this offense, the Commonwealth must prove the same three elements that I have described to you on the charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

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Of The Court held that the plaintiffs had failed to carry their burden in this case.

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To Canada Letter From PLAINTIFF, the landlord, claims that Defendant, DEFENDANT, is its tenant under a rental agreement and that Defendant no longer has the right to occupy the property.

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